About Name Jewellery

Wearing name jewellery is far much older fashion. It is not the modern way of making personal statement with a dress and some specially designed accessories. The tradition seems to be deeply embedded in royalty. People from ancient civilizations, especially from Egyptian, used to wear pendants, rings and crowns with their names inscribed on them. The tradition indicates that wearing name jewellery was a way to boast pride. Well, the very basic reason can be one’s identification with him. But when it comes to royalty then it has much bigger role to play.


In the modern times, wearing name jewellery is more than a trendiest way of making personal statement; here is why people wear name jewellery.

1. It is a cool way of identification

The most prominent reason that comes in mind regarding name jewellery is that it helps people to be recognized. Wearing a ring or pendant with inscribed name identifies a person in the crowd. Such exhibition of identification through one’s attire is a way to boast proud on personality; in a way it also acts as an ultimate confidence boaster. In field when players wear jerseys that have their names embroidered on them, they basically do so to get recognized. Practicing such thing by an ordinary person is much more than simple identification. People wear it to be cooler and exhibit that how much proud they feel on being what they are.

2. It is an ultimate fashion statement

Name jewellery is no less than a fashion statement. It is a cool idea indeed. to wear a necklace or ring that with a name engraved on it. The best thing about such ornaments is that they give huge room of choosing a more personalized design. People who out rightly reject what jewellery shops have to offer them, can plan a unique style while adjusting their name in it. If they are looking to wear such jewellery on some special occasion, then they can go for a colors combination that beautifully compliments the party or dress they are wearing. In fact, such accessories give a greater edge to choose a personalized style that actually defines them.

3. A way to celebrate heroes

Have you ever seen people obsessed with famous socialist Che-Guevera? If yes, then you must have observed this in the form of specially designed shirts they wear. It is not unusual to celebrate the heroes like activists, soldiers, sportsmen and entertainment celebrities, by wearing shirts that have their portraits. Same is the case with name jewellery. Fans love to make wear pendants and rings that have the name of their heroes. They also engage in such practices to openly embrace an idea, let the public know about whom they follow. Wearing jewellery that has names of celebrities is another way to admire their talent, work and services in their respective field.

4. Name Jewellery can be gift from loved one 

People love to adore their loved ones who present them beautiful gifts. Now days, it is quite trendy to order customized jewellery that incorporates name of person in some design. Using gold, silver and such precious metals to embellish a name and stud it in some necklace is the best way to tell someone how special they are. Such items make a perfect gift and receivers do wear them to make acknowledgment.